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It always seems like you know exactly where your important content is until you actually need it. (“I could’ve sworn that sales deck was on my desktop, but all I see are screenshots of despair.”)
And even when you do find what you’re looking for, you have no way of knowing if your recipient has actually looked at it.
If only there was an easy way to organize and share content while tracking engagement.
Meet Content Camel.

About Content Camel :
– Organize all your content by funnel stage, content type, product, industry, or tag
– Build engagement pages, share individual assets, and track analytics, so you can get more out of your content
– Best for: Marketing agencies and sales teams that want to better organize their content assets

No more typing in every possible file name you can think of to find the right asset. (“Was it ‘Taco Diagram 2021’ or ‘Complete Breakdown of 2021 Tacos’?”)
With Content Camel, you can search and find content assets by category, letting you access everything you need in seconds.
Level up your content organization and sharing processes.
Get lifetime access to Content Camel today!

Get lifetime access to Content Camel today!